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Serving Our Community While Protecting Our Environment For Over 60 Years

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On July 7, 1949, the Magna Water District was formed by a resolution of the Board of Salt Lake County Commissioners, as was the Magna Water Board respectively. Since that time, Magna Water has been servicing the needs of its customers for culinary (drinking) water and sewer services. It has grown from a few hundred connections to more than 7,500 connections. The District continues to master plan to address the growing needs of its population including expansion of a secondary water system to control culinary capital costs and to enhance water conservation efforts.  Innovation and responsible thinking make it possible for the District to create long term water resources and supply. The District works closely with the Magna Chamber of Commerce and Salt Lake County in building a solid redevelopment agency to ensure a healthy economic infrastructure and sustainable water supply for the future.


The District received notoriety and praise for its projects in letters of support from former Utah Governor Olene S. Walker, Utah State Senator and President of the Utah Taxpayers Association Howard Stephenson, and the State of Utah Department of Environmental Quality Drinking Water Board. The District has worked to develop technology to address this situation through improvements to water quality, sustainability, and protection of our limited water resources for the future. From infrastructure enhancements and expansion, to service and water conservation, the District has been able to develop solid methodologies to reduce contaminants to ensure a safe supply.

In February 2008, the District and Carollo Engineers were recognized in the Deseret News collectively as one of "13 Utah inventors" for our innovative technology in removal and destruction of arsenic and perchlorate under the patent Biodestruction of blended residual oxidants (BIOBROx) Patent No. 7,318,895.

In 2007, the District received a national award from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its dedicated efforts for “Sustainable Health Protection” through exceptional creativity in designing projects that promote sustainability and protect public health.

Finally, in 2005, the District and Carollo Engineers were recognized by the American Water Works Association for their approach in water treatment technologies in a published report. Both organizations were invited by the EPA Office of Research and Development in Cincinnati, Ohio to present highlights from their pilot study project.

As an approved water supplier, the District meets or exceeds all local, state, and federal mandates and remains current on industry trends and advancements.

Magna Water: Celebrating 60 years of Service. Magna Water is a technologically advanced water supplier and wastewater treatment district whose number one priority is satisfying the supply and demand of a growing population and providing optimal customer service to our water users.



The Magna Water and Sewer District is committed to serving the needs of the Township of Magna residents, businesses, and visitors by providing high-quality drinking water and wastewater disposal services while planning for future economic growth. This will be accomplished through progressive planning, implementing water conservation measures, safe-guarding public health and the environment, and providing for continuous process improvements, advanced technologies, and cost efficiencies. This requires that we establish, maintain, update, and protect our water system from contaminants, either natural or as the result of industry; maintain and enhance long-term water resources through water conservation programs using the most advanced technology for pristine water quality and wastewater disposal services.It also requires that we accomplish this 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are honored to serve our community and pursue this mission.



The continuous delivery of safe, excellent, cost-effective water supply and wastewater services in compliance with all State and Federal regulatory requirements to every home and business within Magna Water District boundaries.


Our Values are: Service, Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility, Efficiency and Stewardship


Our Guiding Principles are:

  • Value our customers, employees, vendors, engineering firms, and contractors. Solicit and be open to their opinions, their concerns and their suggestions.
    Serve the Magna community efficiently and effectively in a manner which exceeds their expectations of hard work, empathy, and thoughtful consideration.
  • Create and foster a positive work environment where new ideas from employees are encouraged, listened to and acknowledged.
  • Foster open, clear and timely communication among our workforce, stakeholders and customers by listening attentively, asking questions and interacting appropriately.
  • Protect the public interest, and through our actions, integrity and accountability maintain a strong foundation of trust with our community.
  • Conduct ourselves in a safe and professional manner, and take an active interest in the well being of our community.
  • Treat each individual with dignity and respect.
  • Anticipate and be ready to adapt to future trends and needs.
  • Maximize environmental, social and economic benefits, considering the short- and long-term benefits and impacts of our decisions.
  • Be accountable for our actions and results, successes and failures.
  • Align our service and performance with the goals identified by the trustees, management, and employees.