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UPDATE: Secondary Water Irrigation Season Ending

UPDATE: MWD will begin to shut down the secondary water system starting Monday, September 26th. We had hoped to remain active untill the 30th but with the canal shut down, continued customer usage, and warmer temperatures our reservoirs have been depleted sooner than anticipated.


The Utah and Salt Lake Canal Company has decided to shut down water supply on September 23, 2022 to the Utah and Salt Lake Canal. The canal company made this decision based on the critically low water levels of Utah Lake and diminishing water quality.

How does this affect Magna Water District?

The canal is Magna Water District’s main source of water for the Secondary Water System. Usually, the outdoor water season is from April 15 to October 15, however with the early shut down of the canal, MWD will have to adjust our deliveries of secondary water service to our customers.  MWD has two storage reservoirs and shallow wells that will help us prolong our supply for up to a week after the canal is shut down. We have targeted September 30th as our date to begin draining the secondary water system.

MWD Secondary will be drained starting today September 26th.  


Fortunately, the weather pattern has changed with recent precipitation events and additional in the forecast for next week. Upon completion of our reuse project, MWD will have improved reliability of the secondary water system and not subject to early canal shutoffs as we are currently.  The design phase of the project is nearing completion and the bidding process will begin this fall with construction set to begin in early 2023.  Thank you for all your efforts to conserve our precious resources.