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  • MWD WRF Reuse Project Contractor Prequal




    RECEIPT OF STATEMENTS OF QUALIFICATION. The Magna Water District (MWD) will accept Statements of Qualification from General Contractors interested in bidding on the Magna WRF Reuse Project. Bids on this project will only be accepted from those General Contractors that are prequalified by the Owner.


    OBTAINING CONTRACTOR PREQUALIFICATION DOCUMENTS. The documents are entitled, “Contractor Prequalification Documents for Construction of the Magna WRF Reuse Project” and may be obtained at the Owner’s office beginning Tuesday, November 15, 2022. Documents may also be downloaded electronically at Statements of Qualifications will be received at the office of the Magna Water District (Attention: Trevor Andra, P.E.), located at 8885 West 3500 South, Magna, Utah 84044 until 2:00 p.m. on December 15, 2022.  See prequalification documents for additional submittal requirements. Late submittals will not be accepted.  


    PURPOSE. The prequalification procedure will be used to identify a pool of select and prequalified General Contractors that will be allowed to submit competitive bids for the construction of the Magna WRF Reuse Project.


    DESCRIPTION OF WORK. The Work for the Magna WRF Reuse Project comprises of the construction of a new Secondary Reuse Building which includes tertiary filtration equipment and pump station facilities. The new facility will allow for treated water from the WRF to be used within the MWD secondary irrigation system or be discharged to the existing outfall. The Work generally includes the following elements:


    1. New 2,900 sq-ft Secondary Reuse Building with a treatment/pump room, electrical room, 127,000 gallon wet well, and lower level dry well.
    2. Excavation with high groundwater (dewatering activities).
    3. Secondary reuse pump station (3,230 gpm, 650 hp installed capacity).
    4. Effluent return pump station (3,230 gpm, 45 hp installed capacity).
    5. Purchase and installation of an owner pre-negotiated cloth media filtration treatment equipment system.
    6. Chemical metering systems (chlorine and polymer).
    7. Concrete splitter box with mixing equipment and chemical injection system.
    8. Yard piping, utilities, and civil site improvements.
    9. Electrical and Controls.


    SITE OF WORK. The project is located at the Owner’s wastewater treatment plant (7650 West 2100 South, Magna, Utah 84044).

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